WBVC is a full service small animal veterinary hospital providing for the wellness, illness and injury needs of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets. For the provision of advanced procedures and diagnostics, and intensive or out of hours emergency care WBVC works closely with a number of Board Certified Veterinary Specialists and specialty care facilities.

(I) WBVC pet care services:

  • Personalized boarding for cats and small pets
  • Day care is provided on a limited basis for small dogs with great social skills
  •  For those who do not wish to board their pet, WBVC works closely with individuals who provide both house and pet sitting services.
  • Limited grooming

(II) WBVC veterinary services include, but are not limited to…

Wellness services :

  • routine health evaluations including diagnostics as required
  • parasite examinations
  • dental examinations
  • juvenile and senior evaluations and examinations including diagnostics as required
  • dietary consultations
  • behaviour consultations
  • skin and coat care consultations
  • immunization
  • health certificates and documentation for travel

General surgery:

  • spay, neuter
  • mass removal
  • injury repair
  • gastro-intestinal obstruction
  • bladder stones
  • amputation
  • abdominal exploratory surgery
  • basic orthopedics

Illness and injury care:

  • examination
  • evaluation
  • diagnostics…bloods, urinalysis, histology, x rays, ultrasounds etc
  • treatment
  • follow up
  • cancer treatment and palliative care


  • examinations
  • dental cleaning
  • radiology
  • extractions and dental surgery


  • evaluation
  • counseling
  • diet recommendations
  • weight management and tracking

Skin, coat and nail care:

  • skin/coat evaluation and recommendation for optimum care
  • limited grooming
  • pedicures
  • ear cleaning
  • anal gland expression

Acupuncture and TCM..as an integrated service with general medicine

Boarded Veterinary Specialist services:

  • Internal medicine, Radiology/ultrasound, Anesthesia…in hospital services
  • Surgery, Neurology, Critical Care, Cardiology, Oncology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology,  Advanced Dental Procedures and Surgery, Intensive care…by referral
  • WBVC utilizes Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories for your pet’s diagnostic laboratory needs. Your pet’s samples are interpreted by Boarded Veterinary Pathologists and Internists.


  • team members are paid a set wage, they are not paid by commission (production)
  •  there are no “lost leaders” for services or items
  • there are no required quotas for services or inventory items

WBVC works diligently, along with you, to provide optimum health and wellness care for your pet!

WBVC accepts new patients and would be pleased to be your pet’s “family doctor”.