The WBVC team positions are:

  • VOA-reception
  • veterinarian
  • registered animal health technologist (AHT) some countries known as RANA or nurse
  • veterinary/AHT assistant
  • ward care/cleaning crew

Although the ideal situation is a well established team that works together seamlessly life does intervene, and people do move on, leaving a hole in the team.

1. WBVC has an opening for a Registered Animal Health Technician  …position filled

…we are currently accepting resumes.

Out technician of several years has relocated to Surrey and is to married in May. Reasonably, she wishes to work in the area in which she will be building her family. We are saddened to have her go, but wish her the best in this new phase of her life.

The position is full time Monday- Friday…no evenings, no statutory holidays. Having said that we will consider part time for the short term.

It encompasses all aspects of animal technician work…animal care and monitoring, surgical preparation and monitoring, dental prophylaxis and charting, radiology (general and dental) medication preparation and administration, client communication and education, equipment knowledge and maintenance, inventory maintenance etc.

WBVC is a small hospital and all team members must be able, and willing, to help with all lay staff duties in the hospital.

WBVC is a family owned and run small animal hospital. Our team works closely with one another. Service aligned with high quality, up to date medicine is the corner stone of our hospital. The veterinarians and staff at WBVC work closely with Board Certified Veterinarians in several disciplines. Our aim is to provide the best solution for pets within the budget of their owners. Continuing education to develop technical, medical and communication skills is an expectation for every team member.

WBVC is located in the heart of Kerrisdale. Shops, restaurants, a community centre with a pool, skating rink, running oval,  parks and beaches are in the immediate area. Although private transport is convenient it is not a position requirement as WBVC is located on a major bus line with access but a few steps from the front door.

If you are looking for an closely knit working environment with lots of client and pet interaction we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please send resumes to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

2. WBVC has an opening for a VOA-RECEPTIONIST    position filled

 This position is currently filled.

The position is full time, with no shift work or evenings. The successful candidate must be able to oversee all aspects of reception, statement handling, reminders,  some book work and staff organization. Excellent client communication skills are a must…in person, on the phone and in writing. No position stands alone so veterinary/AHT assistance and animal care are also part of the job description.

Please contact us by email:

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in a position that is not currently available let us know and we will keep your resume on file for future reference.