The West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic… a family practice caring for family pets.

The West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, originally a single practitioner clinic, was purchased by its present owner Dr. Janne Potter in 1980. Dr. Potter is a graduate of Cambridge University Veterinary School and has post graduate training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.* In 1992 the original clinic was relocated to a larger, purpose-built facility that incorporates all of the requirements of an AAHA hospital.

In 2008 Dr. Potter was pleased to have her daughter, Dr. Sarah Rurak, join her at WBVC.

The personnel team includes two full time veterinarians, two part time veterinarians, a registered AHT, a certified veterinary office assistant and a hard working group of kennel/office support staff.

The support staff is comprised of students in pre-veterinary and veterinary education programs. We are proud to be mentors of future members of our profession.

In addition to our regular personnel, WBVC has access to the services of Board Certified Veterinary Specialists, via referral as well as by having them come directly to WBVC.

After hours, emergencies are handled by The Vancouver Animal Emergency Hospital…a 24 hour emergency and critical care facility just a few minutes from WBVC.

Our veterinary services are firmly based on Western medicine with the integration of a holistic approach to the wellness, care, and treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small pets. We offer conventional services such as physical examinations, vaccinations, medical diagnosis and treatment, parasite control, nutritional advice, behavioral counseling, dental care, and surgery, as well as boarding and coat care. These services are complemented by the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in to both diagnosis and treatment on a case to case basis. Alternative therapies include, but are not limited to, acupuncture and lacer therapy. WBVC also provides limited services for equine athletes wishing to integrate acupuncture with conventional medical support in view of maximizing competitive performance.

We believe that effective, proactive wellness management, combined with a sensible, balanced lifestyle helps to decrease the need for reactive emergency medical/surgical treatment.

Wellness, diagnostic, treatment and surgical recommendations are driven by what we, working with the pet’s caregiver(s), feel is in the best interest of the pet.


  • team members are paid a set wage, they are not paid by commission (production)
  •  there are no “lost leaders” for services or items
  • there are no required quotas for services or inventory items

WBVC works diligently, along with you, to provide optimum health and wellness care for your pet!

WBVC accepts new patients and would be pleased to be your pet’s “family doctor”. 

WBVC veterinarians are members of various associations/societies including the  CVMA,  CVBC,  SBCV,  IAVPM, IVAS,  AVAC and the AHTA of BC.

We welcome new clients and patients.

* a current directive from the CVBC does now allow publication of a degree designation not accepted by the CVBC. The reason for this being that no member of the CVBC shall refer to themselves as or infer that they are a specialist unless they possess a certification of diplomate status in the relevant area of medicine. (December 2011; The College Matters Volume 1 Issue 2)