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When work and pleasure blend….life is good!


The West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic is fortunate to have an excellent human resources team to care for both the medical and business needs of the hospital. The structure of this team is based upon the well-being of pets that are entrusted to our care.

Our Team consists of four veterinarians…two full time and two part time, a Registered Animal Health Technician, a full time Veterinary Office Assistant, two part time VOA graduates and a dedicated group of part time student staff. In addition to our regular personnel, WBVC has access to the services of Board Certified Veterinary Specialists who come to our facility as required. WBVC also utilizes the services and expertise of the veterinarians at the Canada West Veterinary Specialist and Critical Care Group, and the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic.

Janne Potter Dr. Janne Potter received an Honours B.Sc. and Diploma of Education from the University of British Columbia. Upon completion of these degrees she studied Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University, in Cambridge, England. In 1977 she graduated with a B.A./BVetMed and became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Her areas of interest are equine and small animal medicine and surgery. Shortly after returning to Vancouver, a back injury resulting from a vehicle accident directed her practice focus to small animal medicine. However, her interests, and commitment to continuing education, continue to embrace both equine and small animal medicine and surgery. In 1998 Dr. Potter enrolled in, and completed, the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society’s post graduate program in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.*  Familiarity with both conventional and alternative veterinary medical modalities enables Dr. Potter to use an integrated approach to veterinary care, diagnosis and treatment.Happily married and a mother of four Dr. Potter is as busy at home as she is at work! Her home is a minor menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, fish, ponies and horses and her outside interests include a passion for horses, an enjoyment of sailing, kayaking, gardening and an appreciation of art.Her latest endeavour has been the development of a small apiary. Look for her local honey being available at WBVC!
Sarah Rurak Dr. Sarah Rurak is rarely seen without an animal in tow! In this case it is Rolls! Sarah has an Honours degree in Physiology from UBC and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2008. Sarah is a key member of our team with a keen interest in surgery and internal medicine. She has lead the way in expanding our knowledge of small patient medicine and care. Being Dr. Potter’s daughter, Sarah has literally been a part of WBVC since she was born. Sarah, and her partner Ben (WBVC’s web developer), share their home with two dogs, five cats and two goats (well they are in the yard)… not to forget the frog habitats and numerous fish tanks. Needless to say her life interests revolve around animals and their care. When not playing wit, or tending to, her human and animal family, Sarah will most likely be working out at the local gymnasium.
Displaying photo.JPG Dr. Angie Bebel, is a veterinary graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and a registered Animal Health Technician. Having started her career as an Animal Health Technician she has worked in veterinary practices for several years. Angie takes a keen interest in all aspects of veterinary medicine and animal care. She is extremely compassionate which is evident to all who have the pleasure of working with her. She makes certain no stone is unturned on every case she manages.
Karen Kutney Dr. Karen Kutney completed her pre-vet requirements at UBC. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1992. During her years at veterinary school she worked as a student staff member at WBVC and, upon graduation, a veterinary position was open and she joined the WBVC Team. She shares her home with her husband, Joe, her young son, Evan, her dog, Fiasca and her cat, Lorenzo. She manages to keep the number of pets in her household under control by fostering newcomers with her mother! Dr. Kutney’s outside interests are numerous and varied. One never knows what her next next night-school course will be… travel destinations, creative writing, dancing or…?


 Amanda Adolf  is our amazing Registered Animal Health Technician. Amanda is the team member who does much of the serious nursing care, patient monitoring, dental charting and basic prophylaxis, lab work, equipment and instrument care, inventory control, and the technical side of radiology. She has a keen interest in dental hygiene and radiology. Her commitment to educational workshops and the skills she has developed make her a major asset to our hospital. When your pet is admitted to our hospital Amanda is their private advocate from admittance to discharge.

Erin King, from the land down under, is our receptionist and front end organizer…she manages everyone during the day…veterinarians, staff , clients and pets… assuring we all know where we have to be and what we have to do. Erin is the first one people see when when they enter the hospital and the last person they connect with before they leave. Erin has worked in veterinary hospitals for several years and her  quiet competence, and sunny upbeat disposition, is a huge asset to our team. If someone needs a helping hand, Erin is there to provide it.

Mandy Isaacs…after a year off on maternity leave Mandy is back at the reception desk! She can found here on Saturdays…while Craig is home caring for Freddie.

Stephanie DiPerna is our general assistant. She comes to us with a science degree in biology combined with an insatiable desire to learn. Her manner towards the pets, the staff and clients puts everyone at ease. Her job is a difficult one…she simply has to keep everyone happy, comfortable and at ease…she sees what has to be done and does it before we have to ask.  Her skills in reading and handling animals are beneficial to all concerned. She makes certain each hospitalized pet has all its creature comforts and is never short of a cuddle. Stephanie is frequently found assisting in treatment or the examination rooms. It is Stephanie, with the aid of the part time team, who sees that the clinic clean and tidy. As good with people as she is with pets she always there to assist. She is learning to manage the coffee machine and the creation of wicked lattes…if you have a coffee in hand it may well have been built by Stephanie!


In addition to our full-time personnel, we employ a dedicated group of students and part time staff. Their energy and enthusiasm lightens every clinic load. If someone needs assistance, if something needs cleaning, if an animal needs a cuddle… they are there to help.

Farrah Bettenson

 has worked with us for many years and is the mainstay of our part time support staff. Not infrequently she covers for full time staff when they are attending seminars, taking a well earned vacation day or are feeling under the weather. A graduate of the South Granville  Veterinary Office Assistant program, she is an asset in both the front and the back of the hospital. If any animal needs a cuddle, Farrah is there to provide.

Michelle Thompson and Sunny Lee  are  students with an eye on the veterinary profession. They are building their skills as they help with animal care and are much appreciated for keeping the hospital clean and tidy.


We also have a discerning in house Quality Control Panel that keeps us all in line!



* a CVBC directive states that “advertising materials must not include a degree designation not accepted the CVBC”; this includes IVAS certification.