I must admit I am not very good at updating our clinic web news…in fact I have to admit I am terrible at it!! It’s not that we have no news..we have lots of it. I just don’t get around to sharing it on line; and then when I do I can only recall the loudest things!! You are better to drop by..even if just for a tea or coffee..and get the goings on direct from the team at WBVC.

Dr. Coombe…who we all love dearly decided that clinical practice was not for her. She is a great clinician but worries so much about each case that she exhausts herself and that is not a sustainable place to be in. She left the practice to go on an extended tour of eastern Asian with a focus on Cambodia. Travelling on her own she partook of a prolonged stay at a meditation retreat. She said it was very difficult…twelve hours per day sitting on the floor…no talking, no humming, no sound at all, no looking around…food was offered three times a day which sounds OK until you learn that dinner was a small Asian candy with a glass of clear tea! She also found some time to follow her passion…rock face and boulder climbing which by all accounts sounded like a lot more fun:) She returns in a couple of weeks. She and our amazing receptionist Erin King then head up to Squamish to take in a music festival. That sounded like fun until I heard the festival allots about a 10 square foot space for four persons, their tents and belongings. Not too squishy for friends but think that each 10 square foot bit of of land has another 4 bodies and their paraphernalia. The meditation retreat is now sounding not so bad! After that it is back to the real world. Dr. Coombe will be changing her focus and applying her knowledge and energy towards obtaining a PhD in environmental epidemiology. We wish her the best of luck and hope she secures a placement in the Vancouver area.

As most of you know Erin King is a native of Australia. She was here on a working visa that expired the end of June. The clinic had sponsored her in obtaining another form of work visa that with time, and good fortune, will hopefully morph into a landed immigrant status. To make a long and worrisome story short and sweet her working visa paper work came through a mere three days before the original one expired. I, the rest of staff and our clients are thrilled, and relieved, that Erin can remain as an anchor member of our team!

Jill Brewer who so ably helped the veterinarians, receptionist and all the patients and day boarders alike has left to follow her passion…horses. She has not gone far away and is in Richmond working with a trainer I have known well for many years. Jill remains in touch and gets her small pet fix by occasionally caring for clients pets when they are out of town.

Stephanie DiPerna, a University Graduate in Marine Biology, ably took over Jill’s position. However her passion, and training, remains with the marine world. She is currently off on an extended leave in Honduras taking the Advanced PADI Dive Certification. She is loving both the environment and the course. While she is away a familiar face,Tasha Thom, one of our student employees who left us when she started university at UBC Okanagan campus, is back for the summer and she is doing a great job filling in for Stephanie.

Dr. Angie Bebel has recently joined our team. She is a fairly recent veterinary graduate but has been a registered Animal Health Technician for several years before taking on the Veterinary program at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. She hit the ground running quickly demonstrating her love of veterinary dentistry and oral care. If you haven’t met her yet you may have to wait a wee bit as she finally got around to arranging her wedding…after a 14 year engagement! She is to be wed August 2nd and later in September will be away on her honeymoon. She really has a lot going on in her life:)

Dr. Rurak is off all week at an advanced rabbit and rodent course on Dentistry and Orofacial Surgery of Pet Rabbits and Rodents with Vittorio Capello DVM, Dip. ABVP-ECM, Dip. ECZH-SM and Margherita Gracis DVM, Dip. AVDC & EVDC….needless to say they are revered in the field. Sarah is one of only fifteen attendees from across North America and is the only attendee from the lower mainland region.

On the animal side of things:

We have been blessed by being able to have Kari’s Sigfried and Jess’s Mama Cita (aka Brown) back in the fold as we looked after them when Kari and Jess were off on distant vacations. It was so much fun having them back to bug Sarah’s Burrito and remind her she is not the only clinic dog.

Also we have somehow acquired a clinic rabbit…our beloved Alice. She was one the shelter bunnies from SARS. She came to be spayed at which time we realized she had both a head tilt and a huge abscess that required aggressive surgery to remedy. During her convalescence she acquired a name, a space in treatment and a permanent home:)

Dr. Potter along with her work at the clinic, has started a small apiary in her back yard…Equi Flora Honey Farms. It has been a sharp learning curve but somehow both she and the bees have survived:) There has been a bountiful honey harvest and once bottled and labelled this very local golden liquid will be available for purchase at the WBVC front desk. We hope you stop by to get a bottle for your table:)

For those of you that have been receiving reminders from EPetHealth we have recently changed our notification service provider to Demandforce. As with the previous provider this at no cost to clients however everyone will have to sign up but once you have done we believe this will be a simpler interface for both yourselves and Erin to work with. Please bear with us through this period of change.

That is all for now…thanks for reading and keeping touch.