We have been remiss in keeping you up to date…for that we apologize.

Both Dr. Potter and Dr. Rurak attended the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. It is a huge conference with many topics and speakers to choose from; in fact it can be somewhat overwhelming!  Keeping abreast of new information, and confirming that one is current and on track, are some of the benefits of attending a conference with so much expertise and scope. In addition there is the opportunity to attend lectures on emerging science so we know what to look towards in the future. The management stream of the conference helps us meet our goal of providing all our clients excellent service. Dr. Rurak attended a wide variety of clinical and academic lectures. Dr. Potter was able to attend a basic hands on chiropractic workshop. The dogs used during the workshop were all pitbull shelter dogs…all very well behaved. It was difficult leaving them behind:( The exhibit floor was a cornucopia of products and there never is enough time to see it all. Dr. Potter attended a series of rehabilitation lectures.The use of exercise balls designed specifically for dogs of different sizes and needs were demonstrated as was the application of Class 4 therapeutic laser therapy. Dr. Potter is currently evaluating various models of Class 4 lasers as we have so many animals in the practice that could benefit from their use.

Dr. Potter attended the Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium here in Vancouver. It has a veterinary stream parallel to the human side. This years focus was an in depth workshop on athletic injuries…both treatment of acute injuries and management of chronic issues.


As many of you already know we have been very fortunate in having Dr Michelle Coombe join our practice. She is a great clinician, patient, compassionate and caring…all the attributes we look for in a veterinarian…not to mention a very dedicated and hard worker. If you have not yet met her please give her a warm welcome when you do!

After a few starts and stops we now have a receptionist that is a great fit in the practice. Erin King is from Australia…you will recognize her by her accent.  She has worked in a veterinary hospital down under for some years and has brought her skills with her to Vancouver. The down side is she is visiting our part of the world while on a working visa. We would love to make her a permanent fixture at WBVC!

Kari Sugihara, our AHT of many years, got married, visited the Galapagos and relocated her life to Surrey. Hence she has left WBVC after so many years. We all miss her. However Amanda Adolf, also a certified AHT, has now joined WBVC and she appears to be a seamless fit.

Dr. Rurak…Sarah to most… was married to Ben Keen at a quiet ceremony at their home April 1, 2013. It was a lovely intimate time on a glorious spring evening. She was back to work the next day! However she has just returned from a two week vacation with Ben in Florida, Key West and short time New Brunswick.


As many of you have been aware our beloved clinic cat Phyllis had been battling congenital renal failure for many months now. This condition was first diagnosed in August 2012. After a blood transfusion (Quincy was her donor), daily fluids and medications and countless blood and urine tests her heart began to fail in May 2013. The internists and cardiologist at Canada West Veterinary Specialists and the veterinarians and staff at WBVC did all possible for her care yet her heart simply could not manage. There was no choice but to say good bye. So on Friday evening May 24, 2013 Sarah, Janne and Farrah said there goodbyes. It has been a difficult few weeks for all.