As pets age, or after trauma, they frequently experience joint inflammation and subsequent deterioration. Being aware of this is imperative to their health and comfort. Modifying their life style helps but, in addition to this, there are several products available to help reduce discomfort and  maximize mobility. Not all products are equal so we advise consulting with one of WBVC ‘s veterinarians before purchasing a product.

Hill’s Prescription Diets, exclusive to veterinarians, currently has a promotion for J/D. This food incorporates supplements that minimize joint inflammation and discomfort. Rather than feeding a supplement in addition to your pet’s food  Hill’s J/D has the required supplement built in…and it is backed by food trial research! Other veterinary only prescription diet foods provide similar benefits. However this month Hills is promoting J/D and has put forward an excellent offer.

Firstly your veterinarian must recommend J/D as an optimal diet for your pet.

First time users of J/D receive a FREE BAG of J/D

You, and your veterinarian, must fill in the “Before” section of  the mobility score card

After feeding J/D as the primary diet for 21 days the “After” section of the score card is filled in

Bring the completed score card to your veterinarian and apply the Coupon top your next bag of J/D. The Coupons have a $25 value:)

Great savings for you…great value for your pet.

Both Dr Potter and Dr Rurak feed their dogs a mobility enhancing diet on a daily basis. Be proactive with middle aged pets… incorporate a veterinary recommended mobility enhancing diet into your pets’ nutritional plan!!