Dr Potter was away in Central Oregon at the end of July. The clinic and all the critters were looked after by Dr Rurak in her absence. Dr Robertson helped to ease the case load and for that Drs Rurak, the staff and our clients are very grateful. Sad news being that our clinic bird of 20 years passed away the night before Dr Potter left on vacation. Red, an African Grey, who was normally very vocal and opinionated suddenly lost his voice a few weeks prior. He had been staying under the care of Dr Anne McDonald at the Night Owl Bird Hospital and all felt he was doing quite well. It surprised everyone when he suddenly collapsed and passed away. It turns out he did not succumb to his initial problem…he died of a complication of cardiac atherosclerosis. We miss him terribly..even his shrieking imitation of a cat fight. Happy news is that Vicki our receptionist has extended her family with Milton…an aged ginger kitty that really needed a sunset home. Hopefully he does not cause her the emotional ups and downs that she experiences trying to keep her Betta fish happy and alive!

OK….we are into the end of week one of Milton and Vicki. We did an examination and a routine blood screen on Milton and find this elderly gentleman is hyperthyroid! He is now on the list for treatment with radioactive I131. Vicki is coping well with this news as he is sooo loveable:)