We simply do not know where the time goes! So much is happening at WBVC!

  1. Kari, our AHT, is now a dog owner. “Siegfried” has entered her life. Kari is thrilled and her kitties are tolerant. To learn about “Sieg” follow his link to WBVC’s Blog. At the moment Kari is in Japan visiting family. She is travelling with her partner, Paul, and veterinarian Megan Atwood. Many of you will recall Megan, and her dog “Coffee”, as she worked at WBVC for a couple of years. Although members of the WBVC team disseminate to various locales they remain good friends and frequently gravitate back to the fold!
  2. Dr. Sarah Rurak,  is also travelling…Sarah, and Ben, have gone off to explore Costa Rica. They were drawn by the opportunities for great birding and nature photography, not to forget sandy beaches and sunshine….something we have had too little of here in Vancouver. She is very excited to be able to spend a few days at a sloth sanctuary…no high speed photography required for that! She has already sent us some great photos. These can be viewed on our Facebook page, our Blog and our Pinterest page.
  3. With Sarah and Kari away on adventures, those at the clinic are a bit like ducks in the water…paddling frantically under water and gliding along on the surface! It really hasn’t been all that hectic as Dr. Jess Robertson returned to help out while Sarah is away.
  4. By now you have noticed the words FacebookBlog and Pinterest!  Dr Janne Potter, our single digit keyboarder, is attempting to introduce WBVC to world of social media. This should be an interesting journey to follow:) WBVC hopes you will get involved and make our efforts worthwhile. WBVC can be “Liked”, on Facebook…we encourage you to post comments and upload photos of your furry family members. Pinterest is worth checking out. Once familiar with how it works you will pick up lots of ideas from the images, many of which link back to the source page. WBVC has a Pinterest page and we encourage you to sign up, and “Follow”, our Boards. The WBVC Blog is a work in progress…just feeling our away along…. but eventually we plan to make it a spot for people as well as pets. Leave “Comments” to give us an idea of what you think. WBVC has a Twitter feed that you can . If you want to get short clips about what is going on, Twitter is the media source for you! WBVC has a You Tube Channel. There isn’t much there yet ….so if you have a great a clip, email it to us and we will share it on our channel!
  5. WBVC encourages you to post reviews on line. Apparently having reviews (preferably favourable ones) on line helps with “search engine optimization” for finding WBVC on line, and, feedback helps us serve you better! Sites such as Yelp and Vet Ratingz are suggested sites but we expect there are many others out there as well.
  6. WBVC now provides a Pet Portal and we are very excited about this! What is a Pet Portal and why should you be interested? A Pet Portal gives you 24/7  access to your pet’s medical information. In addition it provides volumes of educational material pertaining to animals and their medical issues. It will allow you to request appointments and medication refills at your convenience, not just when WBVC is open for business. Scheduled reminders can now be sent by email as well as surface mail. Appointment reminders can be delivered by email or text message. To learn more about, and to sign up for, this great feature navigate to the Pet Portal Page or our website. Go to  http:// www.wbvc.bc.ca, click on the Entry Point tab and follow the Your Pet Portal link…or go directly to the Pet Portal page. This service is FREE to clients of WBVC.

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