Drs Potter, Rurak and Kutney are back from the WVC which was held at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas Nevada. It is a huge conference with over 6,500 attendees from all over the world. Scientific sessions include most species and areas of diagnostics, medicine, surgery, nutrition and behaviour. This year many of the management sessions incorporated the use of social media. The exhibit hall is the size of a football field! So many topics, so many choices to be made…it is a candy store for veterinarians, technicians and business managers. If you couldn’t fit everything in during the live sessions many were videoed and shown on internal hotel TV channels to be viewed at your convenience. Although we don’t normally do reptiles at WBVC there were a great series of videoed lectures on various reptilian issues that kept us glued to the TV into the wee hours.

The social media sessions prompted us to give it a whirl. Soon we will be visible on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ , Pinterest and You Tube. Once visible we will have to figure out how to drive these accounts! Any and all guidance and advice would be appreciated as we begin to navigate these new waters.

Hopefully clients will contribute and send us photos and videos of their furry family members.

We also came away with goodies from the exhibit hall. A new 1.5 mm endoscope will help with small pet intubation for surgery and allow us to look into tiny spaces. New management software will allow us to send out email reminders and text reminders for those who choose to do so. In addition clients will now be able to access the core of their pets’ medical history and reminders on line. Not only will this be interesting for some clients it will potentially directly benefit our patients. If you are out of town with your pet, or have need of out of hours emergency care while home, through your access the emergency veterinarian will be able to review your pets’ history and taylor treatment accordingly. We will need to have your email addresses and cell phone numbers on file to access these management features. Please contact us to ensure we have these numbers.

An extra benefit of the new software is access to a huge on line veterinary educational resource that will be available to clients.  Appropriate education information will automatically be attached to your pets’ on line files.

We are very excited about this and hope you will be too!